Focus on Fighting Styles, Part 4 - The Boxer-Puncher | Ringside Boxing

The hybrid boxer-puncher possesses the strengths of all the styles we’ve covered so far. This fighter has the technical skill and footwork to keep out of your range and beat you on points. Or they can step in and land those massive power punches that knock opponents out. In an ideal world, every fighter would choose to be a boxer-puncher. Unfortunately, this style is difficult to master and requires a dedication to training EVERY aspect. You can’t just focus on speed or footwork or power. You need to own all of it, if you choose to go down this path. Because if you don’t commit to truly developing your entire game, then you’ll end up mediocre at all of it.

Holding Punch Mitts: 7 Tips for More Effective Mitt Training | Ringside Boxing

Introduced relatively recently, Punch Mitts have become a critical training tool for coaches and fighters throughout the boxing and martial arts world. But you can’t just hang Punch Mitts from the ceiling. Someone has to hold them for a fighter. And that someone could be you. If you want to learn the art of properly holding those mitts, then read on. We put together a list of seven fundamentals for creating a great mitt-work experience.

Boxing Drills: 5 Ways to Improve Hand Speed | Ringside Boxing

They say, “Speed Kills”. People get excited about punch power. But fighters who can throw more punches than their opponent usually win the day. You don’t need some innate, natural-born talent to have fast hands. As with every other aspect of boxing, you develop fast hands through deliberate training. It takes time. And like many other aspects of boxing training, you need to train your mind as well as your body. We gathered together five of the most fundamental exercises for improving hand speed. Read on to learn more.

5 Health Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice | Fitness First

If you practice Yoga, or are thinking of beginning, you may be doing so because of a specific benefit. Perhaps it’s mindfulness, or maybe it’s the improved flexibility. Regardless of why you chose to do Yoga, we wanted to highlight some of the many benefits that Yoga provides. But did you know that Yoga practice is actually a common area of academic study. So he have lost of scientific data to back up the benefit claims that you or others might be making. In this article we will discuss some of the benefits that have strong scientific evidence.